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  • Title: Paris Gellar: Miss Independent
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
    Couple: P/T, P/Jamie, P/J
    Description: This was my first attempt of a Paris video. I usually never do videos that aren't Trory or Narco related but when I heard this song I immediately thought about Paris. This song is so empowering with a lot of attitude, I thought it was perfect for her. The video is about how Paris is always such a tough girl but whenever she falls in love she becomes weak. The video shows the downfall of Paris whenever she falls in love but at last in the end, she finds her true love and this time since it's real love she doesn't feel weak but she can be herself.
    Credits: Thanks to Kelly Clarkson for singing this funky song. The clips are property of the WB.

  • Title: Never Let You Go
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind
    Couple: R/D, L/L
    Description: It's about Luke/Lorelai's relationship and Dean/Rory's relationship. No matter what Lorelai and Rory do, Luke and Dean can never let them go.
    Credits: Third Eye Blind wrote a very happy song, clips belong to the WB.

  • Title: Rory vs. Paris: The Boy Is Mine
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica
    Couple: R/T, P/T
    Description: Remember the days when Rory and Paris were battling at Chilton? Well, I tried to recapture the hostility. Ah... the way Paris was in love with Tristan. I think deep down we all know that Rory liked him (or so we wished).
    Credits: An awesome song by Brandy and Monica, really cat-fightish and clips from the WB.

  • Title: Life's Complicated
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Complicated by Avril Lavigne
    Couple: R/D, R/T, L/L, L/M, L/C
    Description:This video describes how both Lorelai and Rory make their relationships complicated because they both don't realize what's in front of them. Luke is trying to make her see that he's right there and that she doesn't need Max or Christopher. While Dean is trying to make Rory see that he's the one for her, not Tristan. (Even though I like her with both)
    Credits: These clips are from Warner Bros. Thanks to them and to Avril Lavigne for the great song. .

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