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  • Title: The Power Of Goodbye
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: The Power Of Goodbye by Madonna
    Couple: R/D
    Description: Dean was Rory's first love and after everything that's happened to them sometimes the best thing a person can ever do for love is say goodbye. The problem for Rory and Dean is that no matter how hard they try to let go something always pulls them back to each other; except that same thing is also what causes the pain between them.
    Credits: Thanks to Madonna for singing this sweet song. The clips are property of the WB.

  • Title: The Distance
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: The Distance by evan and jaron
    Couple: R/D
    Description: After seeing Ineta's promo for Dawson's Creek I was inspired to make this video. In some ways I think that Rory and Dean are very much like Dawson and Joey the way they bond and care for each other. The premise of this video is about how Rory and Dean deal with the distance that keeps them apart whether it be miles or unfortunate circumstances, they always find their way back. No matter what they always miss each other.
    Credits: Thanks to evan and jaron for singing this sweet song. The clips are property of the WB. Includes clips of ER.

  • Title: Could It Be Any Harder?
    Mirror: (download)
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Could It Be Any Harder? by The Calling
    Couple: R/D
    Description: The beginning of the video is in Dean's POV and he recounts about how hard is to be without Rory and how he's suffering. He believes that time will hopefully get them through this. Then, the video switches to Rory's POV and it shows how she's dealing with their breakup and how she's trying to distract herself from thinking about Dean but it's just too hard.
    Credits: Thanks to The Calling for singing and writing this beautiful song. And special thanks to Tania for suggesting the song and the concept. The clips are property of the WB. Scenes are from Gilmore Girls.

  • Title: White Flag
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: White Flag by Dido
    Couple: R/D
    Description: When Rory sees Dean again she realizes that she's not over him. After all this time her heart still belongs to him and she's trying to tell him how she feels except she finds out that he's moved on. Even though he no longer loves her she won't surrender, she knows she'll love him forever, because your first love never really ends.
    Credits: Thanks to Dido for singing and writing this beautiful song. The clips are property of the WB. Scenes are from Gilmore Girls.

  • Title: Feels Like Home
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk
    Couple: D/R
    Description: Even after all the things that has happened to Rory, the place that feels like home is in Dean's arms. The video begins to recap Narcoleptics' events and then explains how lonely Rory was before having Dean in her life. Then the video continues showing how, like every couple, the come across a difficult time and Rory and Dean break up, leaving Rory with Jess. Except being with Jess leaves Rory in heartbreak and Rory realizes that Dean is the only one who will always be there for her.
    Credits: The clips are property of the WB and thanks to Chantal for making such a sweet song.

  • Title: If You're Not The One
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield
    Couple: D/R
    Description: After the problems that occurred between them, Rory begins to realize that Dean is the only one for her. She starts to see that Dean must be the one since she feels all these feelings towards him and now she wishes that they can be together again.
    Credits: Such a sweet song by Daniel Bedingfield and the clips from the WB.

  • Title: Thinking Over
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Thinking Over by Dana Glover
    Couple: R/D
    Description: During Rory and Dean's three month anniversary Dean tells Rory that he loves her and Rory can't give him an answer and she begins to think it over, their relationship, the times they had together and whether or not she loves him or not. In the end she chooses to tell him that she loves him and then envisions the moment when Dean tells her he loves her, but this time she chooses a new ending, she tells him she loves him.
    Credits: Song by Dana Glover, the clips from the WB.Thanks so much to Marlene for the concept.

  • Title: Never Let You Go
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind
    Couple: R/D, L/L
    Description: It's about Luke/Lorelai's relationship and Dean/Rory's relationship. No matter what Lorelai and Rory do, Luke and Dean can never let them go.
    Credits: Third Eye Blind wrote a very happy song, clips belong to the WB.

  • Title: Forever
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Viva Forever by Spice Girls
    Couple: R/D
    Description: Dean and Rory are one of those couples who can just make your heart melt. This video is basically dedicated to their love. No matter what happens, they wait for one another. Their love is forever.
    Credits: The clips belong to the WB and the song from the Spice Girls.

  • Title: Stranded
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Stranded by Plumb
    Couple: R/T, R/D
    Description: Well, first off, I absolutely love this song, it's just so sweet. I wanted to show how Rory was stranded because she wants to be with both and they both want to be with her as well. Dean was willing to wait for Rory to come back to him because she had drifted to Tristan and vice versa but in the end because she couldn't' choose, she's alone, she wanted them both back. Enjoy!
    Credits: These clips are from Warner Bros. Thanks to them and to Plumb for this sweet song.

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