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  • Title: Are You Happy Now?
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Are You Happy Now? by Michelle Branch
    Couple: D/R, R/T, D/L
    Description: A very angsty video about the trouble with love... Dean finds out that Rory has not been faithful and confronts her about her affair with Tristan. Rory feels bad about cheating on Dean but she can't help but fall for Tristan but what Rory doesn't know is that Tristan isn't Mr. Perfect either; after charming his way into her bed he ignores her and finds other girls, leaving Rory completely heart broken. Knowing that Rory has been screwed over, bitter Dean rubs it into her face. Rory trying to get over Tristan, in the end decides to find Dean for comfort but finds out that she's too late, Dean has moved on and has found happiness with... Lorelai.
    Credits: The clips belong to the WB and thank you to Michelle Branch for writing such a great song.

  • Title: Bittersweet Symphony
    Created by: Cathy raining_mind
    Song: Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
    Couple: R/D, R/T
    Description: This is sort of like a promo for 'Gilmore Girls'. It's about Rory and how she can't choose between Dean and Tristan. The video starts off showing how both Dean and Tristan walk away because they're upset and Rory watching both of them, unable to decide. Then, the video moves on to Rory remembering how she met each boy, first Dean then Tristan.†
    Credits: Intense song by The Verve (also heard in 'Cruel Intentions'. The clips from the WB.

  • Title: Don't Speak
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Don't Speak by No Doubt
    Couple: R/D, R/T
    Description This video is sort of in Dean's point of view. He's completely in love with Rory but soon finds out that she loves Tristan. Dean's heartbroken and he's upset with Rory. Rory denies that she loves Tristan but Dean won't listen to her explanations because he knows better. He doesn't want to hear her explain because it just makes him hurt even more. In the end Rory doesn't end up with Tristan nor Dean because she doesn't want to hurt Dean.
    Credits: The music is belongs to No Doubt and the clips are from WB.

  • Title: Stranded
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Stranded by Plumb
    Couple: R/T, R/D
    Description: Well, first off, I absolutely love this song, it's just so sweet. I wanted to show how Rory was stranded because she wants to be with both and they both want to be with her as well. Dean was willing to wait for Rory to come back to him because she had drifted to Tristan and vice versa but in the end because she couldn't' choose, she's alone, she wanted them both back. Enjoy!
    Credits: These clips are from Warner Bros. Thanks to them and to Plumb for this sweet song.

  • Title: Life's Complicated
    Created by: Cathy aka raining_mind
    Song: Complicated by Avril Lavigne
    Couple: R/D, R/T, L/L, L/M, L/C
    Description:This video describes how both Lorelai and Rory make their relationships complicated because they both don't realize what's in front of them. Luke is trying to make her see that he's right there and that she doesn't need Max or Christopher. While Dean is trying to make Rory see that he's the one for her, not Tristan. (Even though I like her with both)
    Credits: These clips are from Warner Bros. Thanks to them and to Avril Lavigne for the great song. .

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