by: Veerle

TITLE - Script

NAME - Veerle




DISCLAIMER : I wish I owned the characters. Wouldn't it be fun to own Dean? Unfortunately I donít own the characters they belong to the WB And Amy Sherman-Palladino  


Cut to the Gilmore house.

LORELAI : Rory, you should really get up now .

RORY : I'm staying home

LORELAI: Really? Cuz I can call Sookie and tell her that I'm not coming to the inn and we can hang or go shopping or ...

RORY: No , I'm not really staying , I just don't want to go

LORELAI : Ow.. It could be fun though.

RORY: I know. But I have to go ,we have a chemistry test. And have studied to hard to just let go.

LORELAI: Sure hun, but say eum why don't you want to go?

RORY: I'm just not feeling up to Tristan.

LORELAI : Honey, you shouldn't let him get to you. Just ignore him or kick him in the ...


LORELAI: Sorry, no seriously just walk by and look like you couldn't care less.

RORY: But I could.

LORELAI : I know .

RORY : Well I got to go.

LORELAI : Good luck!


Cut to Rory walking to the bus stop. She bumps into Dean.

DEAN: Wow that's a nice surprise the start the day with.

RORY: I agree

* they kiss*

DEAN: So you're going to the bus stop?

RORY: Yes, I'm getting ready to face a day of hell.

DEAN: Poor girl.

RORY: Yes, but then after this day in hell I can come home to my heaven .

DEAN : What do you mean.

RORY : You'll be at the bus stop won't you?

DEAN: Of course aren't I always?

RORY: Well than I'm home with my heaven.

DEAN: Hi hi, thank you that's a great compliment.

RORY: It's true.

DEAN: Well, you're my heaven too. Hey listen what do you think about an other movie night?

RORY: Tonight?

DEAN : Yup.

RORY: You're on. Any suggestions?

DEAN: I've learned to leave the choosing up to you.

RORY: Smart man.

DEAN : That I am.

RORY: So what are you doing here. You're not supposed to get up until in about half an hour.

DEAN: Yeah well, i was walking around hoping to catch a look of the most beautiful girl in stars hollow.

RORY: Really, well any luck?

DEAN: No but it's still early.

RORY : OOw!!

DEAN: I think I'm about to kiss her.

RORY : Where's that little witch?

* They kiss*

RORY : Well I got to go. Or I'll be late.

DEAN: What about skipping class and spend the day with me?

RORY: It's sound like the greatest idea you've ever had.

DEAN: I know but it's no isn't it?

RORY: I'm afraid so.

* they kiss again*

DEAN: See you at the bus stop.

RORY : Don't be late.

DEAN: I promise.

Cut to Chilton.

TEACHER : Ok class , today we have a new girl in our class. She's Mr. Dugrey's niece please make her feel welcome.

LISE: Hi everyone.

TEACHER : Ms. Gilmore will you show around.

RORY: Ow well ok than.


Cut to outside the class.

RORY: Hi, I'm Rory.

LISE: You're Rory?

RORY: Yes, that's me. Why?

LISE: Tristan just doesn't shut up about you.

RORY: Oow well that's cuz he hates me.

LISE: He doesn't hate you.

RORY: Well he certainly doesn't like me.

LISE: If you say so. I haven't really told you my name have i?

RORY: Nope.

LISE: Hi ,I'm Lise.

RORY: So ,I'm supposed to show you around ...


Cut to the inn.

MICHEL (on the phone) : No, no, no, yes most certainly, no ,I will, no,...

LORELAI: ( sarcastic) Wow ,you're in a good mouth.

MICHEL ( to the phone): Shut up. (hangs up, then to Lorelai) Shut up.

LORELAI: What's with you?

MICHEL: I being bugged all day. We don't have enough blankets.

LORELAI: oow the usual, ok I'm going to go now.


Cut to Chilton.

LISE: So this was really fun, Tris was right ,you are fun.

RORY: He said i was fun?

LISE : Yup he sure did.

RORY: Well, I had fun to. Say where do you live?

LISE: Stars Hollow.

RORY: Really?

LISE: Yeah I know, you live there to

RORY: How?

LISE: Tris.

RORY: aah

LISE: Yup.

RORY : So you're taking my bus?

LISE: I will starting tomorrow, today Tristan's driving me home.


LISE: He'll probably be wiling to drive you home to.

RORY: Ow no, I'm meeting my boyfriend at the bus stop and he and Tristan don't really get along.

LISE: You have a boyfriend?

RORY: Yeah, didn't Tristan tell you?

TRISTAN: Tell her what?

RORY: Nothing.

TRISTAN: Ow secret's, you're keeping secrets for me Mary? I'm hurt.

LISE: Mary? I tough that this was Rory.

RORY: He calls me Mary because he in fact hates me.

TRISTAN: Ow don't cry now, I don't hate you Mary.

LISE: Tris, get a life. She's Rory.

TRISTAN: Wow you really get along don't you?

LISE: She's great.

RORY: Well I got to go. I have to catch the bus.

TRISTAN: I'm driving Lise home, i can give you a lift.

RORY: No, I'm meeting Dean at the bus stop.

TRISTAN: I can drive you to the bus stop then.

RORY: Ow yeah, I can see Deans face already.

TRISTAN: I really don't see what you see in that farmer.

LISE : Who is that Dean?

TRISTAN: Someone you don't have to know.

RORY: Cut it out Tristan. I'm leaving.

LISE: Bye.

RORY: Hey want to go to a movie night at my place?

LISE: What?

RORY :Tonight me and my mom are going to watch movies so if you want to come?

LISE: Okay see you than.

RORY: Bye.

Cut to the bus stop.


* They kiss*

RORY: You're early, we left 5 min to soon. I was afraid that I was going to have to wait

DEAN: I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm always here at least 10 minutes early.

RORY: Why?

DEAN: Cuz I'm always hoping that you'll get here faster than expected.

RORY: That's just so sweet

* they kiss*

DEAN: Well yeah, that's me.

RORY: I could say something about that but you're right.

* They kiss*

DEAN: So still on for tonight?


DEAN: No??

RORY: No of course but is it a problem if there some one else too?

DEAN: Who? Lane?

RORY: No some new girl from Chilton. Lise.

DEAN: Ow no, that's fine by me.

RORY: You want to go crab some coffee?

DEAN: Ow I'd love to but i need to get back to work.

RORY: It's Thursday, don't you start at 5.30 than?

DEAN: Nope , Taylor's got me on a tide schedule.

RORY: Ow my poor boy.

DEAN: Yes, i only know one cure for my pain.

RORY: And that's?

DEAN: A kiss from a princess.

RORY: Darned, I can't help you there.

* They kiss*

DEAN: Wow did you know that you're a royal.

RORY: Okay you need to shut up now, silly.

DEAN: Bye ,my princess.

RORY: I'm warning you.

DEAN: Ok , we wouldn't want to upset our royal highness.

RORY: You bet you ,my ... prince ha

DEAN: See you at 7.

RORY : I don't know.

DEAN: Huh?

RORY: Are royal kids supposed to hang out with bag boys?

DEAN: You hurt me.

RORY: I have just the cure for that.

She pulls him in a passionate kiss.

DEAN ( weak in the knees) : eum ... okay. WOW. I didn't even know you could kiss like that.

RORY: I just discovered a special gift.

DEAN: uhuh.

RORY: Don't fall or something.

DEAN: I'm just a little surprised that's all.

RORY: Want to try again?

DEAN: I'd love to but if I'm ever going to get to the market I'm going to have to pass.

RORY: Ok i understand. I'm pretty proud of myself!

DEAN: You should be

* They kiss*

That night. Dean and Lise are on there way to Rory when they bumped into each other.

LISE: Ow Sorry, my fault.

DEAN: No prob

LISE: Wow, you're in a good mood.

DEAN: Yes I am.

LISE: Eum I have a problem.

DEAN: One that I can help you with?

LISE: Maybe, I don't know

DEAN: Okay shoot.

LISE: I'm new here, but I was meeting a friend. And...

DEAN: Yeah...

LISE: Well actually I just said I'll come to your house. But now that I wanna go there I discover that... Actually I don't know where she lives.

DEAN: Ow well, what's her name. Maybe i know her or something.

LISE: Yeah maybe, Rory.

DEAN: Rory?

LISE: Yup ,Rory Gilmore.

DEAN: That's my girlfriend.

LISE: Wow she's got good taste. You don't look like a farmer to me.

DEAN: She said that?

LISE: Nope, Trist did.

DEAN: Trist ? As in Tristan?

LISE: Yup.

DEAN: You know the jerk?

LISE: He's my nephew.

DEAN: ow sorry but he's a real jackass.

LISE: Do you know him . I'm really know him?

DEAN: He wanted to fight me when I did nothing wrong.

LISE: He's just completely in love with Rory.

DEAN: You'd think?

LISE: I know.

DEAN: Yeah but I'm also completely in love with Rory.

LISE: She loves you. It's clear. She's so afraid of hurting you that she even refuses something as innocent as a lift.

DEAN: Huh?

LISE: never mind.

DEAN: Ok if you say so. We're almost there.

LISE: Where did you meet Rory actually?

DEAN: I met her when she was just about to leave Stars Hollow High.

LISE: The local High School?

DEAN: Yup.


DEAN: Well here we are.


Cut to Lorelai opening the door.

LORELAI: You're on time.

DEAN (feeling guilty): Yeah I know but...I brought pizza

LORELAI: That's not very Gilmore .

DEAN: I thought since we didn't went out maybe i could be on time.

LORELAI ( laughing): Don't talk smart mister.

DEAN: Okie dokie.

LORELAI: Seriously I hate you.

DEAN: Why?

LORELAI: For putting Rory back in this stage.

DEAN: What?

LORELAI: She's all " Look how great he is" and "did you see that" again.

DEAN: Huh?

LORELAI: Sticky love

DEAN: And that's a bad thing?

LORELAI: Maybe not for you cuz you didn't have to hear the story of the 10 minutes early over and over again.

DEAN ( laughing): She told you?

LORELAI: Not just once not twice not 3 times ,she told me a thousand times.

DEAN: Where is she ?

LORELAI: That's an other thing.

DEAN: What?

LORELAI: Remember the sweater she wore at the carnival?

DEAN: The blue one?

LORELAI: Yup, you told her that it brought out the blue in her eyes.

DEAN: Yes , it did.

LORELAI: Now she lost the sweater and she needs to wear it. So she's been searching for it at least 2 hours.

DEAN: Can't I just tell her that she looks good in whatever she wears.

LORELAI: You can't lie, she knows when you lie.

DEAN: I wouldn't be lying.

LORELAI: Seriously, she knows . Remember the time you told her that you\ finished that book with the Russian guys in it?

DEAN: Oow please, I was trying to forget.

LISE: What happened.

LORELAI: Ow sorry, I didn't see you. Hi ,I'm Lorelai. Rory's mom.

LISE: Hi, I'm Lise.

LORELAI: Rory told me about you.

Cut to Dean in Rory's room.

RORY: oow hi.


RORY: You're here. That's only 2 minutes late.

DEAN: Actually i was on time.

RORY: I was just

DEAN: Looking for the blue sweater.

RORY: She told you?

DEAN: You look amazing in whatever you wear.

RORY: That's what you say now. Wait till you see me in my pajamas.

DEAN: I'm sure you look great even than.

* They kiss*

RORY: You are just to good to be true.

DEAN: So are you.

Now Dean pulls Rory in a very passionate kiss and Rory's the one with the weak knees

RORY: .........................

LORELAI: Let me just say it for you.


LORELAI: Since when are you all with the weak knees?

RORY: Mom!!

LORELAI: Sorry I'll take Lise to the kitchen, I'll leave you to it.

DEAN: No no ,it's ok. We we're kind of finished.


Cut to Lise and Lorelai, Rory & Dean preparing for the movies. The doorbell rings.

LORELAI: I'll go.


Cut to the door

LORELAI: Hi, Tristan isn't it?


LORELAI: I didn't know Rory was expecting anyone else.

TRISTAN: Ow well.

LORELAI: Rory ,its for you...

RORY: Lane? Cuz if she's mad i didn't ask her cuz I thought she was grounded.

LORELAI: No no ,she is grounded. I asked her.

RORY: Well who is it than?

TRISTAN: It's Tristan.

DEAN: You invited accountant boy too?

LISE: Trist?

TRISTAN: Hi everyone.

RORY: What are you doing here?

TRISTAN: Ow i see that the farmer is here too.

RORY: Tristan i don't care that you call me Mary but you'll treat him with respect you hear me? It's Dean and nothing else.

Dean starts to smile and obviously feels proud.

RORY: What are you doing here?

TRISTAN: You invited me remember.

RORY: Nope.

TRISTAN: You said " my mom and I are having a movie night so if you wanna come" and I did.

RORY: I wasn't talking to you and you know it.

TRISTAN: Well I'm here now ,so you're not going to make me leave are you.

RORY: Fine stay.

She goes to Dean and kisses him.

Cut to half an hour later. All 5 of them are watching the movies when the doorbell rings again. Lorelai looks at Rory with a obvious look.

RORY: I know, I know my turn.

Cut to the door.

JESS: Hi there.

RORY: Ow hi, what are you doing here?

JESS: I had some free time and I thought why don't we see if I can pick on the little innocent Gilmore girl that isn't that innocent at all.

RORY: What do you mean?

JESS: You are the sweetie pie but instead you break all boys heart.

LORELAi: Hey huh, who is it?

RORY: Nobody and he's just leaving.

JESS: Lor, it's me and actually I'm planning on staying quit some time.

RORY: No you're going NOW.

JESS: A couple weeks you weren't that mean to me.

DEAN: Jess ,just get the hell out of here.

In the mean time everybody was in the hall.

TRISTAN: I don't think I've met this guy.

JESS: I'm Jess, Rory's boyfriend.


TRISTAN: How can he be your ex, Dean was your first boyfriend.

RORY: Don't even...

JESS: Yeah but it seemed that our sweetie Rory wanted some more passion her relationship.

TRISTAN: I love you man. You're like unbelievable.

RORY: Shut up.

JESS: I'm doing you a favor, you don't belong to this bag boy.

RORY: IT'S DEAN!!! And I love him.

JESS: No you don't.

RORY: Ok smartass, there was i time i doubted us, than I got together with you and I hate every second. I missed Dean every second. So thanks to you I now know that he's the only one for me. I love him.

DEAN: I love you too.

JESS: Wow isn't that beautiful but look Ror, its me that you love.

TRISTAN: This is like a soap opera ,it's fun.

JESS : I'll prove it

* Goes to Rory and kisses her passionately*

RORY: Dean, will you...

DEAN: Rory, don't do this

RORY: Marry me?

DEAN: What?

RORY: This was what I needed . This kiss I needed to know what it would do to me.

DEAN: You're choosing me?

RORY: More than anything.

DEAN: Ow Ror.

* They kiss and Rory falls trough her knees.*

Fade out