Who Is She?

AUTHOR - Veerle

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SUMMARY - Stephanie is lying on her bed, wondering what happened in her Dad's life and why her parents got divorced.


PAIRING : R/D, but talks about D/L

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    So Iím here up in my room. Thinking. Iíve been here a lot since well since my parents got divorced. When it comes to them Iím just your average teenage girl. I mean first Iíve tried everything to get them back together than I tried to get money from both sides Ö But my parents are just freaks. I mean I canít get them back together because they donít ďloveĒ each other anymore but I canít say anything bad about my dad to my mom and visas versa. Theyíre all ďyour mom is the greatest woman in the worldĒ, ďyour dad is incredibleĒÖ. So why the hell did they divorce? I can tell you one thing. Things have been going wrong ever since this girl disappeared. This girl that obviously had something do to with my dad. Since they divorced my dad moved back to stars hollow. Iím spending the weekends there. Itís a great village. Only thereís this awkward atmosphere there. Itís like all the people are looking at my dad, some guy from the auto shop (Aunt Clara says that this guy is a real jackass but anyways) and also the guy from the coffee shop. Personally I think heís just a grumpy old man, that Luke. Dad however tells me that he wasnít always this grumpy. I just get so frustrated, why wonít anybody tell me what happened here? I know that once two girls lived here. I know that one of them is gone but no-one seems to bother telling me who they weíre, what they did, Why this whole town just went down after there exit. But itíll all be over soon because I found a book, it looks like a diary but on the cover is written ďRoryĒ and think that she was one of the girls and Iím going to check it out. But first listen to them. You can hear my parents argue about my school choice. I mean I applied to Chilton, a great school that is so going to get me in Harvard. But my dad isnít happy about it. Itís like heís mad because I want to get into an Ivy League college. And than last week when I was reading this book ďTolstoyĒ he practically lost it.  

LINDSAY: You canít let her ruin your daughter future. If Steph wants to go to an great school. If she wants to become a lawyer. We have to support that.

DEAN: Itís just why does she have to be so, so like Rory. Sheís your daughter. Sheís our girl. She has nothing to do with Rory. She looks like her, she has her dreams. She even loves the same books.

LINDSAY: This girl ruined our marriage. She ruined your life. Donít let her do this to Steph.

DEAN: Fine, fine.

LINDSAY: Ok its decided Steph is going to Chilton.  

Well anyways lets read.

(She opens the book and starts to read)


Hi there, eum diary? Or whatever Iím not used to writing things like this. I mean isnít that like a girl-thing? And Todd would so kill me if he found out but I just feel like a need to tell this to someone. I just saw this amazing girl. She was reading under tree with like this unbelievable concentration. Sheís so pretty, she looks so precious, so I donít know. I just, Iím drawn to her. Ow yeah well enough about her well actually no, not enough but I donít know more sadly enough.


Today I found out that her name is Rory Gilmore. Isnít that like a wow name?? So today me Todd and some guys are going you know hang, I hope weíll bump into her.


Ok I had like the biggest shock today, I tough that she was moving, you know she was packing her stuff. But thereís also good news. I finally talked to her! Sheís so funny. She was so nervous. Sheís even more fantastic as already tough.

So this is kind of boring letís just turn to the pictures, maybe later Iíll read more.

Ow here, looks like Aunt Clara when she was about teen years old and my dad and some girl named Lane and off course the mystery Rory. Dadís right I do look like her a little.

Ow an other one this one is dad and Rory on a bench in front of the local high school. And this one with Dad and Rory in the salvage yard in some junk. Ow it was their tree monthís anniversary, how cute. Good that my dad kept such a good record of this. Whatís this? Itís a letter fromÖ Rory to my dad. This could interesting. I know itís wrong to snoop but if nobody wants to talk to me I have to.

Dear Dean,

Iím so sorry about this. I know Iíve told it about a thousand times and I know you forgave because youíre just so amazing I mean you forgave me about the car, the kiss , the I love you thing. I never want you to read this letter because I really want to pore my heart here. I love you, you know. I still do. Itís been over for like 5 years by now but Iím graduation Yale in a couple of months and I was asked to give a speech, you know. What happened? How did you get at this point of your life? I know that if you ever do read this youíll probably laugh and think of the Hilary thing but this is serious. So I was asking myself how did I get this point and I donít know somehow that automatically brought me to you and me and Jess and me. And did you know that I always tough that I would make my mistake with Jess but that you would be there waiting when I was ready, ready to commit me to you. I still pictured myself marring you untilÖ well I was finally ready to let Jess go and then you tell me that youíre going to marry Lindsay. Youíve probably forgotten all about me by now. Probably happy with Lindsay with kids maybe? You found yourself a wife that loves cooking dinner for her family and keeping things nice? Remember the Donna reed night? Probably not. Anyways Lindsay is great, weíve established that long ago didnít we? Remember? Ok Iím going to stop saying that. Iím sitting her in the car next to mom waiting for the ambulance to show up. We had an accident. Mom is in very bad condition. Sheís not moving Iíve tried everything. If only you weíre here. Iím waiting here till the doctors come and than Iím going to go. Iíll go back to Yale but when I graduate Iíll go to Europe or something I just now I got to start over. I always dream about you, I even dream of you leaving Lindsay for me. Witch is crazy and so not me. Iím going to stop writing now they are arriving and I want to know how momís doing. Goodbye Dean Forester. Iíll miss you, Iíll love you forever.

Wow now I so want to know what happened between the two of them. I love my mom

So I feel sorry for her but Rory and dad sound so great.

To Be Continued...