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SUMMARY Ė Rory is tired of waiting for Jess to call . She and Lane decide to

                       Go and see an hockey game . Rory sees Deanís new love

                       Interest: Lindsey.
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This past weeks view had been kind of a let down for Rory . She had pictured it so beautiful. When she was finally ready to let Dean go ,she and Jess would have the time of their lives. They would read books together. He would kiss her softly ,they would call each other every night, you know like she and Dean had done the first year of their relationship. Ow she did it again ,she thought. She had promised Jess not to compare him with Dean. At the time it hadnít sound like such a big promise because Dean was out of her mind. Come on Jess call me !! the phone rang . Finally !


RORY: Hey!


LANE : Hey! What are you doing ?


RORY : Oow (sad voice) nothing much.


LANE : could you sound anymore disappointed?


RORY : Sorry , itís just


LANE : Jess was supposed to call?


RORY: Yeah.


LANE : We hear that a lot lately.


RORY : Hey come on, itís probably Luke or something .


LANE : Yeah sure. But in the mean time youíre not gonna be pathetic sitting


             There waiting for your boyfriend to call. Where going to the stars


              Hollow hockey competition. Iím picking you up in 5 min.


RORY: But Lane .


LANE : No buts , bye!


Lane had already hang up the phone so there wasnít anyway out was there? She used hate hockey. She remembered but Dean played hockey . He had begged her to come and watch his games . And as turned out Rory discovered that hockey wasnít that bad. She decided that this time away from the phone was going to be fun. Ow yes it would be . As she was thinking that the doorbell rang.


LANE: We gotta move ,the games starts in (looks at her watch) 3 min 25 sec


RORY : Well than thereís no time for pathetic ness is there?


LANE : Only time to go get your smile .


RORY : Be right back


(they both laughed )


At the game


LINDSEY : go Dean youíre the best ,youíre so gonna win.


RORY : Wow sheís all Dean-isch isnít she.


LANE : Rory, Dean is great guy youíre gonna have to except the fact


             That a lot of girls like Dean. He is sweet, and cute andÖ


RORY : I know ,itís just weird . I mean Iím feeling all hey that my boyfriend


              Youíre flirting with ,not that I want him back or anything. And then


               I remember that itís not . Itís not my boyfriend sheís flirting with.


LANE:  You know that was your own choice right?


RORY : Itís not like I want him back. It just strange.


LANE: You were dating 5 minutes after your break up so it normal that after


            3 months Dean starts thinking of other girls again.


RORY: I know and Iím fine with that. I was just saying that itís weird.


After the game when Rory and Lane leave for Lukeís they see Dean and Lindsey kiss . Rory turned away ,she couldnít look at that. What the hell was this? She was happy with Jess, the reason for her break up with Dean . She convinced herself that it was just some thoughts of the old days. Whatever she just wanted to get home. On the porch of her house she saw a familiar face.


RORY : Hey Jess.


JESS: Hey, Iím so sorry .


(they kiss )


JESS : Itís just a was planning something special and I was afraid that if Iíd


            Call you . I spill the surprise.  Can you come with me?


RORY : Ow Jess, a surprise thatís just so sweet . But Iíve got to study I canít


JESS: What do you mean?


RORY : Weíve got this big test Monday and I still have to start to study for it.


JESS: Why didnít you do earlier than. You always finish your homework fast.


RORY : I went to the hockey game.


JESS: You have time to go the game but not to go on a date with your




RORY: I didnít know about this remember?


JESS : Wow your cranky . Youíre not the one thatís being turned down




RORY : Yeah well maybe itís time you learn how it feels.


JESS : What?


RORY : nothing (she had absolutely no idea were that came from)


JESS : No I wanna know


RORY : I just meant that I do nothing lately than sit by the phone waiting for a


             Call thatís not coming.


JESS : Rory I explained ,it was a surprise .


RORY : Maybe today but what about yesterday or last week or I can keep


             Naming days you didnít call me on.


JESS : Maybe I shouldnít have come tonight . Itís just I have PJ HARVEY




RORY: What?


JESS : Yes, I felt so sorry about the not calling you thing that I went and


             Looked for a way to make up.


RORY : I donít want you to make up for anything I just want you to call me


              When you say youíre gonna.


JESS : Iím so sorry but please the tickets costed me a fortune!


RORY : Iíll see what I can do


JESS : 7?


RORY : Iíll try


(they kiss)


When she was back in the house she took her math books and saw that it was 5 am . She wanted to really study this thing for two hours. No matter what she did her mind always wondered of to Dean and Lindsey. She couldnít help wondering if Dean had liked Lindsey for a long time . When they were dating maybe? No thatís ridiculous Dean would never besides why did he wait for 3 months before starting dating her then? Ok back to math. ďWould he still think of me something's?Ē Ok cos B = /AB/ : /CD/. Does he still care for me? Does it still hurt him to see me with Jess? Al of a sudden she had a caprice . Before she knew what she was doing she was at Deanís place.


DEAN : Rory? What a surprise!


RORY : You have no idea!


DEAN : Come in. What is it?


RORY: Huh?


DEAN: Well I was just wondering what you were doing here.


Ow god she was still so beautiful ,al those months of trying to avoid her he was forgotten about her beauty a bit . And then there was Lindsey. He really liked her. He didnít love her but she was great. As she stood there in front of his door he realized that he still wasnít over her.


RORY: I just wanted to talk. We kind of just stopped talking after well you



DEAN: Yes somewhere thereís a memory of that in my head, Rory. Wanna go


             Grab some coffee?


RORY : Rather not if you donít mind.


DEAN : Ow Jess, he doesnít know youíre here?


RORY : No, this was actually one of those impulses that you only see in the


              Movies so there was no time to warn the village .


DEAN: Aaaaah.


RORY : What?


DEAN : Nothing .


What was this ? He never heard Rory rambling so much . He remember that she used to ramble all around the place when she had just met him but since Jess that disappeared like some many thing did  or at least for him . To Jess she still rambled, she still bitted the bottom of her lips when she was nervous. Something he just noticed . Rory was biting her lips again.


RORY : What?


DEAN: What did you wanna talk about?


RORY : I miss you , I was wondering if we couldnít be friends?


DEAN: Sure, of course.


RORY : I gotta go


DEAN: What?


RORY : Bye


She was falling in love with him again. She couldnít do that, she and Jess were fine and Dean had just got a new girlfriend. What was that? She saw Lindsey kissing Chad some guy Rory had heard Jess talk about . He was a real ladies man. This wasnít right!!


RORY : Hey what are you doing?




RORY : You have a boyfriend remember?


LINDSEY : Were not serious.

RORY : Does Dean know that?


LINDSEY : Why are you so interested in Dean and me? Ow youíre probably


                   One of those Dean Junkies arenít you? Youíre all pathetic you




Dean ran after Rory because he wondered why she had showed up and then left so suddenly. He off course overheard the conversation.


DEAN : If you call Rory pathetic one more time I swear youíre gonna


              Regret it!


LINDSEY : Dean ,this isnít what it seems .


DEAN: You know what ? I just figured that Iím totally fine with it . It doesnít


             Hurt me that you were kissing Chad . Because I just realized that Iím


             Still in love with an other girl.


LINDSEY : Youíve gotta be kidding me. This little piggy girl?


DEAN: I wouldnít do that if I was you!


In the meantime Rory look at her watch 8.26 .Oh my god Jess the concert oh  my god how could I forget? She ran home ,she found the tickets with a note : Rory, I called Lane. She said you werenít there. I looked for your mom

         She told me that you didnít have any plans that she knew off Please let

        Me be wrong . If you didnít went to Dean Please come at dinner cuz

       Iím worried sick about this. If you did go to Dean than go back to him

      Make it work ,take him to the concert. Please I love you so much but I

      Donít want to slowly lose you like Dean did. Itís ironic isnít it? Dean!

      If Iím wrong come to dinner and say you love me again!!


                          Totally yours !! xxxxxxxxx Jess.



Rory ran to Deanís house . When he opened the door he was completely surprised.


DEAN : Wow, two visits in one day.


RORY : I Love you!!


DEAN : What?


RORY : I realized that I wasnít over you and I will never be. I kept comparing


              Jess to you. I thought of you the whole time. I Just wanted you to know


              That I love you so very very much.


That being said Rory ran off . She was afraid of Deanís reaction. Dean was feeling well he couldnít describe what he was feeling . Those words ,he was waiting for them 3 months ,he wanted to tasted Roryís lips again. It was a fantasy that he had been having every night for this 3 horrible Rory less months. He ran after her.


DEAN : Rory , Iím just so happy! I Love you too! So very deeply.


RORY : Iíve missed you


They kiss and the kiss is just perfect. Heís soft yet intense,Ö


Meantime Jess just sitting their alone in the dinner praying that she will show . Instead Rory makes Dean read Jesses letter and tells him that this letter pushed her over the inch . They decided that Rory needed to go and talk to Jess. Just as Rory wants to leave Dean grabs her and kisses her. Rory decides that she can also go talk to Jess in the morning.


DEAN : Iím having one of these moments right now .


RORY : What moments?


DEAN : Moments were everything is just so wonderful and so perfect


             That itís kind of sad cuz you know nothing can ever be better.


RORY : So basically Iím depressing you?




They kiss just as Jess comes over. He starts crying but smiles trough theme . At least sheíll be save and loved he thinks to himself.




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