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Other Couples
Couples with Similar Love Stories

    This page shows other couples from other movies and TV shows who share similar love stories as Trory or Narcoleptics.

  • ALIAS : Sark & Sydney
    Similar to: Trory [Thanks to Megan]
    These two enemies are working for opposite sides but there's this attraction between them that makes them so interesting. The way their paths always cross, little stares that are exchanged, they give off a possible coupling similar to Trory. They don't like each other but you want them to be together because they would be just so good together.

  • ANNE OF GREEN GABLES : Anne & Gilbert
    Similar to: Trory
    Anne is the new girl in school and Gilbert can't help but notice her. Gilbert, used to having girls fall all over him, decides to play childish games with Anne,-such as pulling her hair- thinking he'll win her over. Anne doesn't fall for his charades and and thinks of him as her enemy and classroom rival. Just like Tristan, the only reason Gilbert keeps up with these games is because he's completely in love with her.

    Similar to: Narcoleptics
    Together they are one of the ultimate wholesome couples. He's the boy next door and he makes her normal. He gave her the chance to experience love that was probably the least hectic. He was her reliable shoulder and together they got through all the craziness of her life.

  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER r : Spike & Buffy
    Similar to: Trory
    He's a vampire, she's a slayer. She hated him, he loves her. This couple has all the passion and banter to heat up any screen. Even though she despises him she can't help but find herself attracted to his dirty ways. The beginnings for Spike & Buffy are especially similar to Trory because of the unrequited love.

  • CRUEL INTENTIONS: Annette & Sebastian
    Similar to: Trory
    Annette's the sweet and innocent girl who is the new headmaster's daughter while Sebastian is known as the bad boy player who is always seeking for a new conquest. It all starts out as a bet with his stepsister Kathryn. If Sebastian beds Annette he gets Kathryn, if not she gets his car. It begins very difficultly for Sebastian since Annette sees right through his act but soon she falls for him but sadly for Sebastian, "in the game of seduction, there is only one rule: never fall in love."

  • DAWSON'S CREEK : Pacey & Joey
    Similar to: Trory
    At the beginning of season 1, the tension between Pacey and Joey couldn't be more like Tristan and Rory's hostility. With their quick mouths Pacey and Joey complement each other so well with their fast come backs for each others insults. And as usual, the only reason they bicker so much is because they secretly want each other...

  • DAWSON'S CREEK : Dawson & Joey
    Similar to: Narcoleptics [Thanks to Joanne]
    The idea of first love comes to mind when one thinks about Dawson and Joey. Two people who are just so innocently in love and are so comfortable with each other. It's so similar to Rory and Dean and how they could just be themselves and how they shared their first experiences with each other.

  • HARRY POTTER : Draco & Hermione
    Similar to: Trory [Thanks to Megan]
    Here's another couple who hate each other so much you wonder if it's all an act. He's a little blond trouble maker who finds no problem throwing insults at the smart Hermione, who in turn has no trouble returning her own comebacks. These two have an unspoken tension that makes their chemistry undeniable.

  • REALITY BITES : Lelaina & Troy
    Similar to: Trory
    Lelaina's the valedictorian of their school while Troy's the slacker who doesn't really care about anything, except for Lelaina. They bicker, they banter but the truth is, they love each other.

    Lelaina: I was really gonna be something by the age of 23.
    Troy: Honey, the only thing you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself.
    Lelaina: I donít know who that is anymore.
    Troy: I do. And we all love her. I love her. She breaks my heart again and again but I love her.

  • ROSWELL : Max & Liz
    Similar to: Narcoleptics
    From the moment he laid eyes on her, Max was completely connected to Liz. Shy, he never said anything and watched her from afar. Once he saved her life they realized they fit so well together. Their love was sweet, innocent and everlasting.

  • SWEET VALLEY HIGH : Elizabeth & Todd
    Similar to: Narcoleptics
    Elizabeth and Todd have known each other since the 2nd grade and from that moment, Todd knew Elizabeth was the girl for him. She's a studious girl who aspires to be a writer. He's a nice guy who is star of the high school basketball team. They're the epitome of the high school sweethearts. Though they have their break ups, there's always something that brings these two back together throughout the different book series.

  • THE SURE THING : Allison & Gib
    Similar to: Trory
    Gib's trying to travel across the country to go on a date with his "sure thing", a girl his friend sets him up with. Unexpected, he meets a studious girl named Allison who he has to travel with to get to his destination. Gib and Allison are as different as night and day and spend most of the trip quarreling, only to fall in love in the end. Opposites do attract.

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